Migos Rapper Dead Houston

#Migos Rapper #Takeoff Dead At 28, Reportedly Shot Over A Dice Game In #Houston!

Migos Rapper, Takeoff, Dead At 28

We did see multiple reports on social media and out of respect for it takeoff’s family and close friends you know we are putting this in the rumor report it has not been officially confirmed by family members but multiple. Houston promoters are claiming that they allegedly saw a takeoff get shot and killed in an event this is according to say cheese TV and here is a report from Lieutenant R Wilkins from the Houston Police Department discussing an incident that did happen. Although he did not name who the victim was hey we’re here at uh in between Dallas and Polk on San Jacinto. We got one male that’s deceased he’s right in front of the 810 bowling alley which is on the third floor looks like he’s been shot in the head or neck possibly right now we don’t have a whole lot of information we know it happened somewhere around 2 35 there were some security guards that were in the area but they heard the shooting but no one saw who did the shooting a lot of folks were there they were in front of the bar the bar was actually closed at the time they had the doors locked but people were congregating down on the balcony area and everybody fled we’ve got some video footage but not very well everybody fled homicide investigators are coming it would be great if anybody would come forward and tell us what occurred because right now. We really don’t  have a whole lot of anything well TMZ has confirmed I don’t know if that matters but yeah TMZ has confirmed all those people and nobody saw nothing yeah. I think they’re still waiting for people to come forward and give information exactly they didn’t say anything right and that doesn’t mean that they won’t you know there’s video footage and I’m sure they’re still gathering informatio as this was just a couple of hours ago yeah they’re not only you know do I hope they do they should because you know a human that’ll do that in a bowling alley in front of all those people you think you might have any remorse for you did he have any remorse for one of your loved ones and they were false reports before that that cuevo was shot as well but he was not shot he’s fine he was there though yes all right.

Migos Rapper Dead Houston
Migos Rapper Dead Houston

I mean there’s nothing you know. I could say right now that doesn’t sound like I’m reading off the same old script condolences to condolences his friends it’s you know it’s rest in peace it’s just very sad and I would say don’t you know I don’t call him just the rapper though you know that was a that was a black man he was a human he has family that loves him and cares about him and you know they don’t call him takeoff and the media will say rapper take off shot and killed but that’s someone’s family and that Man’s family is waking up this morning seeing the news online hearing it on the radio just think of that when you’re you know reporting on this story today nobody wants to see the pictures and the videos that everybody’s uh you know I see that some people had some pictures on the scene like okay calm down everybody that’s I think disrespectful man to be posting things like that 28 years old brother didn’t even get to see 30.

That is so freaking sad man 28. all right well we will keep on updating you as news is coming in hopefully there will be some information shortly on who was involved in this all right I’ll be sure was hospitalized in a coma for two months and in a post that was shared on social media. I’ll be sure Junior was thanking a lot of people for the birthday wishes he got on his Instagram page but he also did update his fans and followers on the current status of what’s going on um he said his father musician Alby Shore had been hospitalized in a coma and he shared a series of photos of himself along with images of him and his dad he said thank you for everyone for the birthday which has been kind of out of it in my own world perhaps been hospitalized for two months and he just made it out so I’m much better and ready to get back on my ish it’s time to get the F up pop we got ish to do and countries to visit thank you for all the concerns and worries about my family today is my day but this is for my pops all I want for him is to get out that effing. Hospital hey sending healing energy that I’ll be sure for sure yeah so grateful that he still uh.

I didn’t even know that he was hospitalized for two months all right now Kodak Black is not happy with the first week sales projections for Cutthroat Bill volume one he posted still a win but my album just came out two days ago and today is a Sunday it’s no way a MF can project it’s only selling 39 000. my is to fire to sell only that. I guarantee a salesmar also the streaming system been effed up lately this isn’t used to be like this back then either way I go it’s still a w all right so he still has some time he said it’s only Sunday but it is projections. I guess normally they could tell what your album is going to sell they’re usually pretty on points usually from the pre-sales and first day buys well I can’t sit here and act like that album was really great greatly promoted because I’m I like Kodak Black but I didn’t hear about that I’m telling. Angeline said it was coming out in room report on Friday right yeah you know all right a boogie with the hoodie has delayed his album release he’s not trying to compete with Drake in 21 Savage he says sorry but album dropping in December now Drake was dropping the same day and I’m not with that smart move uh and then he put some laughing emojis on his Instagram story so he’s trying to get that number one album and so he’s like probably not the best idea correct and they pushed their album back so. I’m sure he thought he was all clear but then they pushed it back so now he’s pushing his back all right and that  was because remember um uh 40 God got covered correct all right and that is your rumor reports all right we got Front Page News next are we talking about yes let’s talk about Nancy Pelosi and her husband uh now there’s more reports about what happened actually at her home when her husband Paul Pelosi was attacked and they do have the person who has been charged with a bunch of different crimes he’s facing up to 50 years in prison we’ll tell you what was said during that attack.

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